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Work pissing you off? What about old hags in the supermarket who wait until the last minute to pull out their checkbook? Do people in general piss you off? Have a shitty day as usual? This is the place to bitch about it.

No Sob Stories: No one cares that your boyfriend left you for a girl that's 10 times hotter than you are.

No whiny rejection posts: Feel rejected & lonely? Well, then this should be nothing new to you. Don't post about it. You're not unique, you're not different, you're just a loser.

Whining about someone labeling you or calling you a poser: Sorry asshole, you may think you're the "real deal", but you're just like any other fishnet stalking wearing & hair dying prick out there.

No Gossip/Drama Queen bullshit: Have a juicy tale about someone? Wow, no one cares but you & the rest of your "no life having" loser friends, don't waste anyone's time with it.

No Depression Stories: Just kill yourself, don't try to grab attention from people with your over-exaggerated crap.

That's about it, until I think of more ways people can whine to get sympathy.

Posting about this crap won't be subject to a ban, but your stupid post will be deleted, so the time you wasted the few minutes of your worthless life to post about it will be spent for nothing.